The St. Vital Museum provides tours, and presentations, as well as educational and research services.


  • The St. Vital Museum welcomes all groups, schools and community organizations, extending its exhibition and educational resources. Group visits are available by contacting the museum by calling (204) 255-2864 or by email at

    Reservations are preferred at least 2 weeks in advance.

    A tour includes an introduction to the building and highlights from the collection, focusing on the history of St. Vital. Available to all visitors are films, videos, reminiscence & oral history kits, books and numerous other services. Visits can be scheduled during regular hours throughout the day and with advance notice, off-hour tours may also be accommodated, subject to availability.



Archival Records / Information Centre / Library / Video Library / Photocopying service available.


Visiting classrooms & speaking about the history of St. Vital.

Bringing classrooms to the Educational Centre for a hands-on look at the past.

Taking display boards on a rotating basis to the libraries in St. Vital.

Offering classes and workshops, demonstrations, films and lectures.

Theme shows during the year held at various locations in St. Vital.