agriculture in st. vital

The St. Vital Agricultural Society was formed in response to the Manitoba Government's promotion of agriculture and horticulture on the prairies. The purpose of the St. Vital Branch was to encourage and educate people in better methods of production. The first St. Vital Agricultural Fair took place on August 16th, 1909 at the junction of the St. Vital and St. Mary's roads and attracted a good deal of interest and keen competition among exhibitors. Over the years prizes have been awarded in a number of different classes including horses & cattle, intermediate gardens, cottage gardens, poultry, vegetables, cut flowers, house plants, cooking & preserves, sewing & fancy work, painting and baby shows, to name a few. From opening the Polo Park Racetrack in 1925 under its charter and that of the Winnipeg Jockey Club's to more recently offering St. Vital area residents a chance to grow their own produce in the middle of the Bishop Grandin Greenway Community Gardens, the Society is an integral part of our community.

The St. Vital Agricultural Fair now takes place at the St. Vital Arena and continues to offer something for everyone.

Agricultural Society Turns 100

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Gobert's Bull

Since the mid-1950s, the cutout of a bull, Rockwood Romarnuk, was on the font of the barn at Riverbend Dairy on St. Mary's Road.  Thanks to  Glenn "Bootsy" Rand, of Main Branch Tree Service, the weathered piece of St.Vital history is at its new home in the St. Vital Museum. The real Rockwood Romarnuk took first place at the 1954 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.